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FREE Honk sign rental.
2nd day rental FREE
FREE postcard keepsake left at their door or in their mailbox
Email picture of the display with your personal message when the display is set up

Buy a small Happy Social Distancing Birthday banner for the Birthday person to keep $49.00
20 FOOT SKY-DANCER $49.00 (1 day)
20 FOOT SKY-DANCER $98.00 (2 days)
Congratulations 24x24 Banner $5.95
NEW: Design lazier light red/green shines on display and property: $19.95
Gotcha lawn sign-$7.95.
Ha Ha Busted Lawn Sign-$7.95
10 foot Surprise Flag-$12.95
10 Foot Happy Birthday Flag-$12.95
Happy Anniversary Banner-$8.95
Its A Girl banner-$8.95
Carter the clown 9 foot inflatable character-$24.95 (1 day)
Carter the clown 9 foot inflatable character-$49.90 (2 days)
Hug-A-Bear Inflatable with a heart that says I Love You!-$24.95 (1 day)
Hug-A-Bear Inflatable with a heart that says I Love You!-$49.90 (2 days)
Mini Inflatable Penguin $12.95 (1 day)
Mini Inflatable Penguin $25.90 (2 days)
Big football guy-$12.95
Big Caveman-$12.95
Big Bull blowing smoke saying its no bull its your special day today-$12.95
2ft by 2ft sign saying the first 100 years are the hardest-$7.95
Surprise Sign-$7.95
Ha Ha Sign-$7.95
Happy Graduation Banner-$12.95
It's A Boy banner-$7.45
Happy Retirement banner-$7.45
Eli the elephant 9 foot inflatable character-$24.95 (1 day)
Eli the elephant 9 foot inflatable character-$49.90 (2 days)
Old Frankenstein 9 foot inflatable character-$24.95 (1 day)
Old Frankenstein 9 foot inflatable character-$49.90 (2 days)
Flood light with extension cord-$8.95
Big Classy Cow saying holy cow look who's older now-$12.95
2ft by 2ft saggy dog saying in dog years I'm dead-$7.95
2ft by 2ft sign saying the secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age-$7.95
Sign with an old guy blowing a fart cloud saying an old fart is as good as a new one-$7.95

Great extra gift! Add a personalized picture sign to the Birthday Lawn Card Display that they can keep as a souvenir. Please click on the size of your choice below. Once you have submitted your online order please email their picture of your choice with the wording you want on it to [email protected] in the subject line of the email please put your name. One of our representatives will contact you within 2 hours to go over the details of your entire order. (Please note we require 2 to 3 days notice in advance of the rental date to create personalized picture signs).

6 feet tall: $99.95
5 feet tall: $79.95
4 feet tall: $59.95
3 feet tall $49.95

Please note: If we are booked solid for pre dawn deliveries for the day you need your rental please do not worry our office will contact you via phone to discuss the option of doing the delivery and set up during the day while the birthday or surprise person is at work of away from his or her home. Thank you.

The total charges to your credit card are $- plus GST.

I agree to the Rental Terms and Conditions.
I confirm that all the information I have provided in this order form is correct.

Rental Terms and Conditions

1. If our office has not contacted, you within 4 hours of submitting your online order during regular office hours (12 noon until 9pm) please contact our office at (780) 440-3184 ext. 1

2. Please ensure the address you provided is the correct address. In the event you provide the incorrect address you will be charged again for us to pick up the display and move it to the correct address. If the address you are providing is not on GPS or it is a difficult address to find, please provide directions. You can provide these directions in the special instruction box on our online order form.

3. If YOU NEED A SIGN MOVED OR NOTICE SOMETHING IS DAMAGED PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP AND WE WILL RETURN TO THE ADDRESS PROVIDED TO FIX IT FOR YOU. If any signs are missing or returned with damaged, you will be held financially responsible. Please note on the postcard keepsake that we leave in the mailbox for the surprise person we ask that they also do not to touch or more our displays. On all main message board signs, we use static lettering which is applied with soap and water in order to stick to the sign. If a letter comes off or comes loose you can use dish soap and water to re-apply it or contact our office at (780) 440-3184 Ext 1 and we will explain this to you over the phone. In the alternative we can also have one of our drivers come by and re-apply it for you. Please do not use tape or glue to re-apply the letter(s) this will damage the sign and letter(s).

4. If there is no grass at the address you want the display delivered to and set up, please contact our office to discuss your options at (780) 440-3184 Ext 1.

5. Cancelation Policy: All rentals are final with no refunds. In the event you have to cancel your rental for something out of your control we will provide you with an in-house credit to be used towards another rental within 1 year of the cancelation date.

6. If you need to change anything on your online order form, please contact our office at (780) 440-3184 and speak with one of our representatives between the hours of 12 noon and 9pm. All changes need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the rental date and are subject to availability.

7. If you are having trouble placing the order online, please call us at 780-440-3184 Ext 1 between the hours of 12 noon and 9pm daily excluding Sundays and holidays to place your order over the phone.

8. How do I know if my order went through online okay? You will know if your order went through because there will be a pop up window on your computer screen that reads "Your order has been received, please do not attempt to put another order through until you have spoken with one of our rental representatives. One of our rental representatives will contact you via phone within 2 hours and go over the details of your online rental order". Thank you Management!

9. Last Minute Rentals: If you are placing an order online for tomorrow morning please make sure your order is in no later than 6pm the night before. You can also call our office at (780) 440-3184 Ext 1 to discuss this with one of our representatives before placing your online order.